Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Would another Minority look like 2007?


The answer, as always, is in the numbers.

ADQ Experince (in years)
Dumont - 13
Grondin - 4
Picard - 4
Roy - 4
Legare - 3
TOTAL: 28 years and 41 MNAs
36 MNAs with no experince
1 MNA with experince for every 7 without
No alternate interests. The ADQ was built up by and around Dumont. No one with enough experience to even think of challenging Dumont. Election candidates that did not expect to win.

CAQ Experince (in years)
--Presuming they all get elected--
Legault - 11
Roy - 9
Caire - 5
Bonnardel - 5
Deltell - 4
Ratthe - 4
Charette - 4
Rebello - 4
Damphousse - 1
Levesque - 1
Schneeberger - 1
Gaudreau - 1
Benjamin - 1
Total: 51 years and (projected) 25 to 40 MNAs
27 MNAs with no experince (of 40)
1 MNA with experince for every 2 without
A merger of disaffected PQ members and the ADQ, token positions will have to be given out accordingly, causing a larger powerbase. People like Roy who rival Legault's time served in the legislature. Legault is not as strong an individual as Dumont. Election candidates that expect to win.

Any minority with the CAQ as either the official opposition or as the 3rd party will not be like when the ADQ came to town. There will be no "Dumont and his kids" stories. The CAQ team is far more experienced than the ADQ, and like the 2011 NDP, there are enough people with experience in the legislature to guide the new members though.

...Of course all of this presumes the CAQ is not the government. That's another story altogether. Keep in mind that the Ontario NDP victory of 1990 and the following government was so controversial that even the federal Liberals are feeling the after effects to this day! (Okay, lame attack, but point made)

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