Friday, February 13, 2009

New projection

National numbers are as follows. Provincial numbers will follow shortly.

CPC - 128
Lib - 102
BQ - 45
NDP - 33

Note that we did use the so-called "Green 26% Quebec" poll; however due to our sophisticated weighting system which is designed to weed out these one-offs, the Greens only raised a single percentage point in Quebec, we now project them at 7.22% in that province.

BC election

We've updated our projection for BC

BCL - 51
NDP - 33
GRN - 1

The margin of error is still gargantuan,

BCL - 37-67
NDP - 18-48
GRN - 0-2

We may, or may not, have further projections as the election date nears.

New Polls

There are now enough new polls that we will update our matrix.

Expect this update within the next 24-48 hours