Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quebec Election, results

Barring a recount, the results appear to be

PLQ - 66
PQ - 51
ADQ - 7
QS - 1

This is a large enough majority for Charest to work with. At some points earlier in the night it appeared he might only win 63, 64, or 65 seats; in which case a single by-election loss or defection could destroy his majority. He has a nice comfort zone to work with here.

The big story of the night, at least from the way I see it, is the seat win by the QS. What will all of this mean? Does the PQ have to worry about bleeding votes to the left? Does the ADQ have to worry about being replaced as the "other" party? Does the PLQ have to worry about a new party that can win seats on Montreal in a way the PQ never could? Time will tell I suppose, for all we know the QS will go the way of the Alberta Alliance and be wiped off the map next election.

As for the predictions, I think it's safe to say yet again that we were all off. One problem that I see is that there are so many predicto sites out there run by a single person. One person with one method can fail, we here at niXtuff will be looking into this issue in the coming days.

The ADQ over-preformed most expectations taking 7 seats, everyone had them at 4. If these three extra seats were added to the PLQ total it would reach 69, which is in the range of many predictions. The PQ also over preformed, and our last-second call for the PQ in Mercier is as close as it gets to anyone expecting a QS victory. There are still a few seats that were close, shefford for example, where a recount may turn the result over. We will keep our eyes open and keep you informed.

Dumont has decided to call it quits. As we've mentioned earlier, Eric Caire is the only ADQ "star" who had a chance at winning. He did win. We project he will be the next leader of the ADQ.