Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blog not being updated

This will not surprise anyone who has been following; but this blog is not being regularly updated. Most of my blogging effort is spent over at Blunt Objects: http://blunt-objects.blogspot.ca/ so feel free to follow me there!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Liberal Leadership pt2

Time has passed so and update. Also check out http://blunt-objects.blogspot.ca/ for a post on the next Quebec Referendum, whenever it happens to be.

1 - Trudeau
Change? - Has been endorsed by Scott Brison, the "Right Wing Financial Symbol" of the party.
Result - Makes me more happy to back Trudeau if I decide to back him that is.

2 - Findlay
Change? - Has been the only one to come out with detailed policies in various issues.
Result - Pushed into 2nd place in my personal consideration.

3 - Garneau
Change? - Has been about as exciting as a saltine.
Result - Pushed down in my personal consideration.

4 - Coyne
Change? - Don't know to be honest, have not be following.
Result - Moved up as others have moved down.

5 - Murray
Change? - Endorsed by David Suzuki.
Result - While I voted Green in the last 2 elections, I support an eco-capitalism not eco-socialism.

6 - McCrimmon
Change? - Has managed to impress a lot of people
Result - Moves up in my consideration.

7 - Cauchon
Change? - Also not been following
Result - Moves down (sort of) as others have moved up.

8 - Bertschi
Change? - Seemingly more incompetent.
Result - Last Place on my ballot.

9 - Takacsh
Change? - Dropped out
Result - Dropped out

Sunday, January 20, 2013

International Elections

A reminder that I maintain a discussion thread on a political forum here:


Where I follow international elections. Today there are elections in a German state. Later this week, in Israel. Next month, in Italy. Follow the thread for the latest RxR projections.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My stand on the Liberal Leadership

Federally anyway.

This would be my vote and why:

1 - Trudeau
Why? - He might just be able to do the best at election time.
Why not? - I fear he will turn the Liberals into an NDP-Lite party like it was under his Father's administration. That is not a party I can support.

2 - Garneau
Why? - I think he will take the Liberals to the centre, where they belong.
Why not? - I fear that he does not have the political "stuff" to do the job.

3 - Findlay
Why? - She simply has the best policies out there.
Why not? - While she'd make a great cabinet minister, I don't know about leader. She's never really struck me as the leader type.

4 - Murray
Why? - As a former BC Liberal my fears about her being too progressive are allayed, while she has shown herself to be pro-green.
Why not? - Who is this person? She does not have the "presence" to be leader - then again the same applies to just about everyone else lower on this list.

5 - Coyne
Why? - Her policies seems to focus on structural reform more than being "Progressive".
Why not? - She's only run once and lost, this is not exactly the kind of record that makes for the best leader.

6 - Takach
Why? - Seems very interesting and fresh.
Why not? - That does not mean "good" either, he could be a terrible choice, as little is known about him.

7 - Cauchon
Why? - Better than taking a risk on the two below him on the list.
Why not? - Something about the man strikes me as terribly unethical.

8 - Bertschi
Why? - Seems to be, at first glance, not incompetent.
Why not? - None of his proposed policies say anything. All very vague and pointless.

9 - McCrimmon
Why? - I can't think of a single reason to back her actually.
Why not? - Policies seem 'scatterbrained', makes me question her competence. As well, wants to take the Liberal Party in directions I can not and will not support.

If I had to assign them points, from 100 at the top and 0 at the bottom, where would I rank them?

100 - Trudeau
95 - Garneau
85 - Findlay
45 - Murray
35 - Coyne
30 - Takach
10 - Cauchon
5 - Bertschi
0 - McCrimmon

So my top 2 choices are very close indeed.