Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Liberal Leadership pt2

Time has passed so and update. Also check out for a post on the next Quebec Referendum, whenever it happens to be.

1 - Trudeau
Change? - Has been endorsed by Scott Brison, the "Right Wing Financial Symbol" of the party.
Result - Makes me more happy to back Trudeau if I decide to back him that is.

2 - Findlay
Change? - Has been the only one to come out with detailed policies in various issues.
Result - Pushed into 2nd place in my personal consideration.

3 - Garneau
Change? - Has been about as exciting as a saltine.
Result - Pushed down in my personal consideration.

4 - Coyne
Change? - Don't know to be honest, have not be following.
Result - Moved up as others have moved down.

5 - Murray
Change? - Endorsed by David Suzuki.
Result - While I voted Green in the last 2 elections, I support an eco-capitalism not eco-socialism.

6 - McCrimmon
Change? - Has managed to impress a lot of people
Result - Moves up in my consideration.

7 - Cauchon
Change? - Also not been following
Result - Moves down (sort of) as others have moved up.

8 - Bertschi
Change? - Seemingly more incompetent.
Result - Last Place on my ballot.

9 - Takacsh
Change? - Dropped out
Result - Dropped out