Friday, May 8, 2009

NS Election

Candidates, as of friday night, end of the first week

NDP - 45/52
PC - 41/52
Lib - 30/52**
Grn - 15/52*

** = It has come to my attention that the leader is not listed on the candidates page, which contains 29 people.

* = From Wikipedia, as the party still does not list its candidates on its website.

I read these results in the following way:
This is indeed a 2-way race between the Tories and the NDP. The Liberals are established but seem destined to remain in opposition. The 4 candidate lead by the NDP over the Tories does not read as significant at this stage, however the next week will be critical.

Canadian Election

Again, this update results in no seat changes.

Here is another image from the ElectoMatic - this time the province of Manitoba.

BC Election

BCL - 52
NDP - 33
with the most recent poll in the matrix, we now have
BCL - 46%
NDP - 40%
GRN - 11%
OTH - 3% (mostly Con, which we expect at 2% or more)