Monday, August 24, 2009

Ramping back up

Here at niXtuff we are starting to ramp back up in time for the fall season.

I will be maintaining a Monday and Thursday update schedule where possible (IE when I have polls that make it worthwhile to do so)

Three new polls are out. One from Ekos, one from Decima, and one from Ipsos Reid (IR), who has gone back to their bourgeoisie attitude of information elitism and has prohibited the masses from gaining access to the details of their polls. Even if we had the money here at miXtuff to buy a subscription (and we dont, we are a free site in all respects) we could not use the numbers we find in our projections since the content is protected (IR has shut down popular canadian election websites before through the threat of lawsuit due to them using their polls) With this Soviet-Style block on polling data, I will not be able to add IR data to the regional breakdowns except where they so graciously decided to make that information public. I will, however, use whatever national numbers I can find to 'reverse engineer' the current projection to a state that matches IR polling, and then apply that.

I will update when full details from Decima come out (which hopefully will be within 24 hours)