Monday, October 19, 2009

Taillon elected leader of the ADQ


By 2 votes if you can believe it.

The party had a pathetic 28% turnout of members for their 2-day long phone in vote. If three quarters of your own members don't even bother to vote for leader, you have a pretty big problem. If those who do vote are so divided that one person, a single person, voting for one candidate and not another could change the race, then you have another problem.

Taillon has cancer, something that became an issue earlier in the race when his opponent suggested he be unable to lead because of it. He also 'quit' the national assembly by running in a riding that the ADQ could not have won, even in the best circumstances. Why on earth he wants to lead the party is beyond me. Beyond that, a former MNA quit upon hearing the news, and another one criticized her fresh new leader. This is not what a party able to win does, even Dion did not have such sharp criticisms this early, or ever.

Dare I say that the ADQ has been seriously harmed by this entire adventure. I would not say it impossible for the party to fall to 5th place in the polls, and even remain there though a General Election. I do, however, think they might be able to hold on to a seat or two by the skin of their teeth even if such a 5th placed disaster happens.

The long story short here is that the ADQ is 'toast' for the next half decade.

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