Friday, August 24, 2012

#liberalwho #lpcldr #lpc - great hashtags, but who is it really?

Who is behind

That is the question everyone wants to know. It's registered to someone who seems to - from the postal code - live in a Jean Coutu. The postcode is in Trudeau's riding. Is it him? Whoever it is follows a lot of people from in and around Halifax on Twitter, maybe it's Brison? The guy seems to also know a lot of people from Calgary, maybe it's Nenshi. Some others even think it's Andrew Coyne.

There were a few things I noted based on the little that's written on the website. First off, this "platform" seems left wing. The mystery man refers to the party as "Progressive" and wanting to unite "Progressives". He also attacks Harper rather than the entire Conservative Party. The problem is this could apply to a dozen Liberal MPs. So how to narrow it down?

One word caught my attention. Laggard. It's not a common word, at least, not one I use, nor one that I hear get used often. In particular, this person refers to Canada being "Laggard" in the International arena when it comes to the Environment.

This gave me an idea and a quick search of Hansard though and I found something interesting. There are only a handful of Liberal MPs that have used this word more than once, and of them, only one, has only used it to refer to the Environment.

Frank Valeriote

Is it him?
Maybe, maybe not. But either way, whoever it is, certainly is capturing attention.