Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mayoral Candidates lay down ideologies.


Toronto's three main candidates for office have all positioned themselves for their run for mayor.

Smitherman has promised a shake up of City Hall. He is reportedly debating making TTC an essential service. In many ways he looks ready to be the successor to David Miller and Mel Lastman, committing to changing those things that cannot be easily explained. Calling for "Clean Government" is easy, making it happen is not.

Rocco Rossi has managed to position himself much further to the right than many had pegged. Rossi now appears perfectly poised to become the #1 right-wing candidate, and should no opponent emerge within the next 60 days, people like Minnan-Wong won't stand a chance.

Pantalone meanwhile has started making public commitments to being responsible fiscally. This is very important for him to do as the Miller administration (to which he is tied) had some of biggest fiscal problems in Toronto's history.

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