Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Update

First off, I want to admit to an embarrassing error. I had La Prairie going CAQ while many others did not. The reason is that the data from La Prairie was being drawn from base data for the riding of La Peltrie. This has now been corrected.

I then added new trends to the polling.

I've also made more regional adjustments to better match the polls. The results of these changes are shown on the map.

Edit - I've also noticed that the ridings of La Peltrie and La Piniere are reversed on the map labels. The ridings are shown in their proper locations, and, with the proper colours, but the name label, is incorrect.


Not as much going on today as I had hoped. The CAQ did a number of English media spots either today or last night that is getting them press. Sadly, not much else for me to comment on just yet.