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Hello, I am Nick J "Teddy" Boragina. I was born in 1984, and I've been doing online election projections since 2006, mostly though comments on political fora. After my success that year in calling for 10 Tories to be elected from Quebec, I decided to start my own blog. I've been doing projections, in my spare time, since 2001. I adapted the mathematical methods I used to project the elections to create the ElectoMatic in the middle of the 2008 election. I've been using the ElectoMatic ever since. The recent failure to be correct in Quebec has convinced me it's time for an update to the ElectoMatic.

I am currently a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, and a supporter of the Ontario Green Party. I've run in elections in the past (PEI 2003, Toronto 2006) but don't plan to run again for some time.

To contact me, e-mail me at thenewteddy followed by the part about being at hotmail dot com. thenewteddy is also my twitter handle, and my facebook nickname, and in general, the quickest way to find me online though google.

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