Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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I have three e-mails I use that you can use to contact me, all through hotmail.


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Election around the corner.

So it looks like it's on. November 9th is still the day IIRC. What can you expect from niXtuff during the election?

We are hoping for daily polls. If we get that, we will update once a day. If not, we will update once a poll. Our update time will be between 11pm and 5am, thereby allowing all of the day's polls to have been registered.

We will be publishing a riding by riding guide, in the form of maps, showing the who should win each riding, along with a certainty - IE how sure we are that they will actually win.

We will continue our friendly rivalry with the math based Trendlines, the people based Election Prediction Project, new comer, Three Hundred Eight, and the inspiration for our own projections, Democratic Space

We wish them all luck.