Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Liberals to defect! Maybe not really.


Supposedly, there are three Liberals who are ready and willing to defect to the Tories, and could do so at any second, even during the time it took you to read this sentence! while I personally doubt that, its only fair to look at just whom might be involved.

Ruby Dhallia is the name thrown around the most, but with her recent 'problems' I don't know if the Tories would want her.

Keith Martin was previously in Harper's party, and Scott Brison is a former Tory; some might expect them to go back but I don't see it.

So who else?

From a Geographic standpoint, Siobhán Coady might be considered. Her riding is almost certainly going to fall to the Tories next election, and she has tried repeatedly to take the seat, finally winning in 2008. If she were to join the Tories she'd be their only Newfoundland MP and have clear Cabinet potential. Weather she actually agrees with anything the Tories stand for, however, is another question.

Andrew Kania, and Sukh Dhaliwal both have potential to lose their seats in the upcoming election, that could pressure them to switch.

Joyce Murray is a former BC Liberal, and might have some friends over on the other side.

Gurbax Singh Malhi, has opposed SSM. Navdeep Bains is in a riding that could be won by the Tories. Gaining one or both would bolster the Tory standing within the Sikh community.

Joe Volpe has always been a bit of a maverick, and his riding is the only one in Toronto that the Tories are within striking distance of.

Paul Szabo, and Albina Guarnieri from Mississauga are known as more socially conservative liberal members.

The the final group are 4 MP's from Scarborough, Jim Karygiannis, John Cannis, John McKay, and Derek Lee. For the Latter to make the jump would be political suicide, as his riding has become the "new mount royal" for the Liberals.

Weather all, some, or any of the above actually jump, however, is unclear.

Sorry, no extra data today!