Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My stand on the Liberal Leadership

Federally anyway.

This would be my vote and why:

1 - Trudeau
Why? - He might just be able to do the best at election time.
Why not? - I fear he will turn the Liberals into an NDP-Lite party like it was under his Father's administration. That is not a party I can support.

2 - Garneau
Why? - I think he will take the Liberals to the centre, where they belong.
Why not? - I fear that he does not have the political "stuff" to do the job.

3 - Findlay
Why? - She simply has the best policies out there.
Why not? - While she'd make a great cabinet minister, I don't know about leader. She's never really struck me as the leader type.

4 - Murray
Why? - As a former BC Liberal my fears about her being too progressive are allayed, while she has shown herself to be pro-green.
Why not? - Who is this person? She does not have the "presence" to be leader - then again the same applies to just about everyone else lower on this list.

5 - Coyne
Why? - Her policies seems to focus on structural reform more than being "Progressive".
Why not? - She's only run once and lost, this is not exactly the kind of record that makes for the best leader.

6 - Takach
Why? - Seems very interesting and fresh.
Why not? - That does not mean "good" either, he could be a terrible choice, as little is known about him.

7 - Cauchon
Why? - Better than taking a risk on the two below him on the list.
Why not? - Something about the man strikes me as terribly unethical.

8 - Bertschi
Why? - Seems to be, at first glance, not incompetent.
Why not? - None of his proposed policies say anything. All very vague and pointless.

9 - McCrimmon
Why? - I can't think of a single reason to back her actually.
Why not? - Policies seem 'scatterbrained', makes me question her competence. As well, wants to take the Liberal Party in directions I can not and will not support.

If I had to assign them points, from 100 at the top and 0 at the bottom, where would I rank them?

100 - Trudeau
95 - Garneau
85 - Findlay
45 - Murray
35 - Coyne
30 - Takach
10 - Cauchon
5 - Bertschi
0 - McCrimmon

So my top 2 choices are very close indeed.