Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does Dan McTeague want to be Prime Minister?

I click onto the 680 news webpage to find, yet again, another headline mentioning Dan McTeague. As if it was not enough that he’s taken the lead for the Liberals on the Brenda Martin affair, or that he always seems to ‘know’ what the price of gas will be tomorrow morning (insider information anyone?) but now he’s at the forefront attacking the oil companies for huge profits.

Not that there is anything particularly wrong with what he is saying, he raises good points and has good information, but the fact that he seems to always be in the spotlight comes across to me as very strange for someone who is not considered within the top brass of the Liberal Party. While people know about the rocky reception that Dion has received since election, we know less about the internal party politics. If Dion were to go who would follow? Iggy? Rae? That’s possible, but remember that these were the two people who could not beat Dion. Liberals might be looking for a real winner, add to that someone who does not carry the baggage that Iggy and Rae do. Someone from Ontario who still has (relative) youth, who can keep the Liberal lock on Toronto while also having a real shot at winning.

I for one think that McTeague could definitely be a huge threat in the next Liberal leadership race, whenever it comes. Weather or not he desires any position of power, however, remains to be seen.