Friday, July 10, 2009

Tories widen lead

A new Angus Reid poll has been added to the Matrix, resulting in a larger Tory lead.

CPC - 120
Lib - 111
BQ - 47
NDP - 30

Lib - 50
CPC - 46
NDP - 10

BQ - 47
Lib - 21
CPC - 7

CPC - 62
Lib - 19
NDP - 14

Lib - 21
NDP - 6
CPC - 5

Some other notes from the poll:
Ontario is the most supportive of the "stimulus" package. As well, most people think said package will help the various provinces the most (Read: Ontarians are happy that Ontario is finally getting some cash)

Support for the parties, all parties, is soft right now. In the 2006 election we saw the polls not move and inch before the x-mas break. After it, the Tories suddenly had the lead, and again, the polls did not move, resulting in a CPC minority. The polls have been generally stagnant since Iggy has taken over, with the Liberals generally having a slight edge on the Tories, but the margins swinging back and forth between 130 and 110 seats for either party. My guess is that this will continue until the writ is dropped this fall, and will continue into the election, only truly settling in the final week or two of the campaign. It really is anyone's game at this point.