Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Free ElectoMatic

As my old-time followers will know, I use a self built spreadsheet program called the ElectoMatic to project elections. My old-time followers will also know that I decided to give out this program for free. Anyone looking for the current Quebec one can find it here (along with a sneak peak at my current projection - which changes sometimes hourly)
I've made it somewhat user-friendly, but remember too that I've been tinkering with this file multiple times a day, and all the various random calculations on it might not make much sense.

My new followers might wonder why they need to follow me if they have the magic machine I use to project all my numbers. The answer to that is simple really. Anyone can have a math-based projection, but not many have accurate math-based projections.
My projections (2011 sadly was on my website that now is owned by an adult company selling... toys) were #1 of anyone offering individual riding by riding projections. Why? I deviated from the math and used my gut.

My gut, sadly, is not available. Knowing where and how to make additions, and what other calculations to make (for example, I don't think anyone out there agrees on a single ADQ-to-CAQ calculation regimen) is the key to making everything work.

The base program will always be free, but the analysis and "Teddy Touch" will always be confined to my blog. Though the program is free, I ask that anyone using it to make projections mention me and this blog. You don't have to do so for every last projection you make, but 2 or 3 times during a writ period would be greatly appreciated.

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ridingBYriding said...

Fun Fact: I decided the plural for ElectoMatic is ElectosMatic!