Wednesday, August 22, 2012

About me

Some of you may be wondering who I am.

I'm Teddy!

Others will need more.

I'm Nick J "Teddy" Boragina. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I grew up on PEI on the east coast. I ran provincially for the PEI NDP in 2003, and municipally as an "Independent Conservative" in Toronto in 2006. I'm currently a member of the Federal Liberals, and a supporter of the Provincial Greens.

I'm all over the map politically, because my views do not line up with any particular party. When it comes to Justice or Labour issues, I side with the more Conservative elements. On Social policy and help for the needy, I side with the NDP. In terms of balancing taxes and spending, or first nations rights, I side with the Liberals. And on the environment, and public transit, I'm a Green.

This gives me a unique prospective on the parties I think. Rather than being an outsider who can see all the negatives, I can also see all the positives. In addition, the only other big party out there, the Bloc, and I, agree on the kind of powers a Federal government should have. I am not big on centralization. Federally I want my MPs to give more and more power and tax room to the provinces, while I want my province to take as much tax room as it can from the cities and spend like madmen.

Currently, I'm 27; but I decided to change my birthday to August 8th, so by that measure I'm 28; though, my birth certificate says I still have a few months to go for that.

I am very friendly and open, and though I will debate you and even argue with you, I am always willing to accept you are right and I am wrong (though I might need to grump about it for a while) and I'll never stop talking to a person just because I disagree.

How to contact me? Well, I'm TheNewTeddy. Add a to the end to e-mail me, put a before it to find my FB page, change "Facebook" to "Twitter" to find my tweets, so on and so forth. You can also google me to see all the crazy things I say when I get mad about stuff if you really want.

So never be afraid to drop me a line. I love talking to anyone and everyone!

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