Sunday, August 19, 2012

The return of RxR

Hello folks. I've decided to return this old blog to it's former glory! Many of you already know that prior to the 2011 Federal election, I got my own website, and moved everything over there. Many of you also know that following the election I ran into financial difficulties and was unable to pay the bills on the site.

The 2011 Federal election was a mixed bag for me. Of anyone who attempted a riding-by-riding projection, I was closer to the actual results than anyone else. In effect, I "won". Despite that, my daily unique readership never peaked beyond 30 (Except for the few days right around E-Day of course) and that put me into a slump and depression.

I've since come to realize that I don't really care who reads my stuff, so long as my numbers are as correct as I can make them.

Therefore, this blog will be returning to regular activity!


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