Friday, September 18, 2009

Tories reaching majority territory

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The Tories are on a roll, storming ahead at the expense of the Liberals. As they steal percentages and half of percentages from the Liberal vote, we find the NDP is benefiting despite heading in a downward direction. The only place the Tories are heading down is in BC, while they are picking up speed in Ontario. Our projection is closing in on our trendline, at this rate we expect the Tories to be at 143 by the end of next week (Note, however, that trendlines can change rapidly, and they could easily find themselves at 124)

Now that we have a "below the fold" option (IE the "READ MORE!" button) I am able to add extra images of the ElectoMatic to the post. Click to see riding by riding projections in certain areas.

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