Friday, September 18, 2009

ADQ leadership race


Over in Quebec, the right-wing ADQ is having a leadership race to replace Mario Dumont. The two front runners have recently been caught in a spat that was rather ugly. Gilles Taillon, former #2 in the party, announced he has cancer and will remain in the race while seeking treatment. Taillon purposefully parachuted himself in 2008 into a riding that was unwinnable for his party, and promptly lost his seat. That prompted Éric Caire, his main challenger, to ask if the party leader should be in "intensive care".

Insensitive as it may be, Caire has a point, and other leaders with cancer have tried to lead their parties and not done an amazing job, the latest case being the Yukon NDP's Todd Hardy, who spent half the campaign in hospitals in BC.

While Caire does raise a valid concern, he's clearly done it in an invalid way. This has brought attention to the ADQ race that it does not need.

In fact, what we now have is two candidates, one who loses on purpose and another who cant keep his foot out of his mouth, who want to lead a party that needs to rebuild. All of this is very bad news for the ADQ.

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