Sunday, January 20, 2013

International Elections

A reminder that I maintain a discussion thread on a political forum here:

Where I follow international elections. Today there are elections in a German state. Later this week, in Israel. Next month, in Italy. Follow the thread for the latest RxR projections.


TheNewTeddy said...

Note that double posting rules on that forum prevent me from just mirroring all the posts here. They have more viewers than I do, and, I sort of view it as my mission to educate many of those posters, some of whom, have shown lacking information about what's going on outside this continent.

TheNewTeddy said...

A second note: I do change the moderation period on comments based on activity. During the Quebec Election, after 24 hours, you needed special approval from me to get your comment seen. (no comment actually needed such approval as my postings were frequent enough to avoid that) I do this to avoid spam.

During quiet times like this, that period is extended out to, now, a full week, and may go even further.