Friday, September 7, 2012

PLQ leadership

Here is my list of possible candidates:

Jean-Marc Fournier - MNA - Montreal Area
Nathalie Normandeau - Former MNA - Gaspe
Marlene Jennings - Former MP - Montreal area
Liza Frulla - Former MP - Montreal area
Martin Cauchon - Former MP - Montreal area *
Denis Coderre - Former MP - Montreal area *
* = May chose to run Federally.

Stephane Dion - MP - Montreal area
Jean Lapierre - Former MP - All over the place
Pierre Pettigrew - Former MP - Montreal area
Justin Trudeau - MP - Montreal area


Calivancouver said...

So if enough people facetiously say that Trudeau could run for the PLQ, maybe he won't run for Federal leader?

Unknown said...

Charest was called to the PLQ out of a sense of duty to Federalism. Trudeau may be susceptible to a similar call, but it's doubtful. Dion meanwhile may hear voices telling him to run for the same reason.