Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marois Assassination attempt?

As the new premier-elect was finishing her speech, a security person rushed her off the stage suddenly.

2 minutes later, some PQ operatives came on stage, saying that they had to protect her as something happened. He then asked everyone to leave.

1 minute or so later, Marois came back and said the same thing. She mentioned a sound grenade.

3 minutes later there is news footage of a man lying on the pavement and a rifle.


I've never seen anything like this before and probably never will again.

If this was an assassination attempt I have one thing to say

I hate the PQ, and Marois. I think they are potentially dangerous.
But they won.
They won the election, fair and square.
No matter how much you hate or fear the other guy, you can't try to stop them by force.
Democracy is the cornerstone of our freedom, and we must respect it, even when it tells us the things we don't want to hear.


TheNewTeddy said...

Someone set fire to the building that they were in, and an "insane looking" man was arrested. Could be some nutbar. 2 people are injured.

TheNewTeddy said...

The "insane" person shot 2 people outside the convention centre.

TheNewTeddy said...

So "Insane" guy (who was wearing a bathrobe) shot 2 people. He was standing outside the building but shot in the building.
Bathrobe guy than set fire to the building.
That's all we know.

All "accused" of course.

TheNewTeddy said...

If I can piece together my facts...

Bathrobe guy is an Anglo who does not like the PQ

Bathrobe guy breaks into the back of the building, gets in, shoots 2 people. Must have then had guards come down on him, so he fled, and set a fire. He would have been rather close to Marois at this time, and from what I gather, she was likely the target.

All of this is speculation of course.