Monday, August 27, 2012

New Ontario Ridings

Proposal is up!


The NDP will suffer as a result of these new boundaries. Oshawa in particular appears to have been gerrymandered.

Haliburton-Uxbridge is the most terrible suggestion for a riding I've ever seen. It is in fact SO bad, I will personally make a presentation to the commission to let them know.

Toronto North should provide the CPC with a constant seat in Toronto

New Ottawa ridings are flawless IMO, and "perfect".

Kitchener South very strangely shaped, but unavoidable.

Hamilton gets new riding, exactly where it needs one.

Woodbridge, Unionville, Mount Pleasent, all ridings that need a closer look (by me to see what they mean)

Mississauga Centre should be good for the Liberals

Bradford and Georgina, as growing areas, should not be in the same riding.

Splitting Barrie a good idea. Barrie South will likely need to shrink in 2021 due to population growth.

More to come later (as in, maybe a day or a week or a month)

PS. and no, I do not detect any "Gerrymandering" outside of Oshawa.


Calivancouver said...

What leads you to describe two compact squares around Oshawa as 'gerrymandered?'

Earl A. Washburn, BA said...

Oshawa is definitely gerrymandered. It would make more sense to have one more urban Oshawa based seat and another more suburban Oshawa-Durham seat including Bowmanville. Sometimes gerrymandering can be masked with compact districts. Look at Saskatchewan.

TheNewTeddy said...

Earl is right. There is no reason to merge the "core" of Oshawa with brand new suburbs. Additionally, Uxbridge need not be merged with Haliburton; both problems can be solved at the same time.