Monday, February 8, 2010

Latest Projection


In short, we are looking at 2006 all over again, with a few more NDP seats at the expense of the Bloc.

The Liberal's momentum has slowed but they still have a slight edge here. Unless they can pull out a wider lead in Ontario, they will start to waste votes in Quebec, and even a tie in the national popular vote will lead to a Tory government.

Sorry, no extra data today!


Top Can Inc. said...

So it looks like a repeat of the 2006 results. I was wondering if you had data on individual ridings?

nixtuff said...

I do. If you want any specific region I will post it.

Top Can Inc. said...

Well, since I'm from Ontario, I would like to see the Ontario region since I noticed a big change from the last projection you did like this back in October 2009. My second choice would be British Columbia, since there seems to be some movement there as well.