Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Latest Projection - Spotlight Ontario


As per request, our Riding By Riding projection for Ontario

Sorry, no extra data today!


Top Can Inc. said...


I was wondering if you could do BC, Quebec, and Nova Scotia as well? If you're already in the process of doing so, then I apologize for pestering you.

nixtuff said...

I always do requests. I will post them here.

nixtuff said...

Using the newest projection:



Top Can Inc. said...


Top Can Inc. said...


Thanks for posting these detailed projections again. I was wondering if you could do Newfoundland and Alberta next.

Also, I noticed some differences between the BC data and from the Latest Projections. The Latest Projections have in BC 16 Tories, 10 each for the Libs and NDP. But in your detailed projection of BC ridings, I count 15 Tories, 11 Liberals, and 10 NDP. The same with Nova Scotia, where there's 5 Liberals in the riding projections and in your latest projections they only have 4.

nixtuff said...

The projection is always being updated, I don't always post provincial breakdowns.