Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Senate Update


As of this moment, in the Senate we have...

Lib - 50
Con - 46
Oth - 5
Vac - 4

Which means that if Harper were to appoint new Senators, that the Tories would have the same number of Senators as the Liberals. 2011 is still the date for the Tories to gain a majority in the chamber.

The "Other" column includes Independents, and "Progressive Conservatives" who are effective Independents.

Sorry, no extra data today!


andrewbore said...

Does that include Jerry Grafstein who turns 75 on Jan. 2, 2010?

nixtuff said...

Yes it does. I nabbed all the info from the Wikipedia page, which has a list of upcoming retirements. IIRC (and I could always check the history) I think I was the first one to add that section to the page.