Saturday, November 22, 2008


Where do they have a shot at winning seats, and who is in those seats?

Likely to win some of all of these:

Rivere-Du-Loup (Mario Dumont)*
Chutes-De-La-Chaudiere (Marc Picard)*
Lotbiniere (Sylvie Roy)*
Beauce-Nord (Janvier Grondin)*
Chauveau (Gerard Deltell)

Unlikely to hold on to some or all of these:

Beauce-Sud (Claude Morin)
Vanier (Sylvain Legare)
La Peltrie (Éric Caire)**
Montmorency (Hubert Benoit)
Chicoutimi (Jean-Philippe Marin)
Matane (Denis Paquette)

* = one of the 4 members elected in 2003
** = one of the media's so-called "skilled" ADQ members.

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