Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No changes from this morning

This afternoon's polls have been added to the matrix, but there is no change in seats from this morning. The Tories are very close to losing seats in Quebec. Here are the numbers for those who are vision impaired who may be using computer-assisted devices reading this blog.

Tories - 148
Liberals - 92
Bloc - 35
NDP - 30
Green - 1
Indp't - 2


Stimpson said...

I wonder why you pick May to win in Central Nova. The consensus among ElectionPrediction.org commenters is overwhelmingly for MacKay.

nixtuff said...

We have our own projections. Electionprediction is one of our sources but it's far from the only one. Our prediction will differ from theirs (and from democratic space) at the end of the day